NEW COURSE - Stretch, Meditate and Relax


Commencing Tuesday 7 May 2019 from 6:30pm - 7:30pm

These classes aren't focused on beginners or advanced yogis. This course will allow you to become self aware and familiar with your body. 

With safe and flexible classes in week 1-3, you will then be provided with variations to each posture for self refelction and select what level of asana is right for you. 

Classes offer options and modifications for each posture, and encouragment you to cultivate  your own sadhana to your current level of ability.

Use of original meditations based around guided imagery, breath counting and progressive relaxation for the last part of the class relates to the themes of each week.

You will receive resources to help you meditate at home and quotes to make you feel like you take your practice from the Campbelltown Yoga studio, back home into 

8 weeks course for $150.00 or $20 per class. 

The lovely Tracey is back to run theses classes for your yogic inspiration and enjoyment. She is a qualified Yoga Instructor -IYTA