Pre Natal Yoga course cancelled for 2022

Pre Natal Yoga Course Cancelled for 2022 classes The Yoga Hall Campbelltown


Course runs for a 9-week term. To attend in first trimester a Drs certificate is required. Recommended to commence classes in second trimester or third.

Address: Use the driveway alongside the childcare centre and park around the back.

Pre Natal Yoga Course Cancelled for 2022

Unfortunately, this course has been cancelled for 2022 until further notice.

With the emphasis on safety, enjoy specific modified pre-natal yoga poses and preparation for active birth. Learn breathing techniques for pregnancy and labour. Each class includes meditation and a 20-minute guided relaxation essential for expectant mother to rest and renew.

Course runs for a 9-week term. To attend in first trimester a Drs certificate is required. Recommended to commence classes in second trimester or third.

Scan QR code on arrival to each class. Must have own yoga mat, bring water.

Your teacher Angela is a qualified Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor -IYTA Post Graduate Diploma Pre and Post Natal Yoga 2012.


Partners come for free in the last class of each term for techniques on massage and touch skills to assist in labour in a fun, relaxed environment. 

Testimonial from Tonia.

As this is my 3rd pregnancy i've learnt that you have to remember it is still your first birthing experience. As this little miracle will never predict the last birthing experience or journey. It may have some similarities, but let's be real, if you have had more than one birth it is never truly the same. Just like the child themselves is not the same. 
Allow yourself to be open to new beginnings for your current birthing journey, so you can allow your body to embrace and listen to each moment. 
Forget the past as it is not a true representation of this current journey. Why?!!! Because it is a new spirit, soul and human you have created and they are unique and not like anyone else before. 
Just like a relationship with every single person in your life, the way you feel, talk and behave is different, so allow yourself to take each birthing journey with the same view. 
Don't let past events predict your feelings in the now. Be true and awake in the present moment and it will be everything your body and baby needs. Allow yourself to enjoy your birthing day and don't resist with a sense of preconceived feelings, plans or thoughts. Laugh, find humour in absolutely everything and anything, and you will surprise yourself on how you actually feel about the whole birth. 
Remember you got this!! So believe in you and you are believing in your baby and your body. 
Although I have done pregnancy yoga before, doesn't mean I am ready for the next birth. Just like an athlete needs to train before every race, marathon, so do we as birthing mothers. We need to train body and mind from the moment we are on our birthing journey with baby. 
So this is why I also believe in pregnancy yoga and the right yoga instructor for you.  
Bless all the mothers and birthing goddesses out there. 💖🤟 infinite love and gratitude always. 💖🤟
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