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BOOK IN NOW for Term 4 - 2019 Commences Tuesday 15 October - 9 December 2019 With the emphasis on safety, enjoy specific modified pre-natal yoga poses and preparation for active birth. Learn breathing techniques for pregnancy and labour. Each class includes meditation and a 20-minute guided relaxation essential for expectant mother to rest and renew.

Tuesday 15 October 2019 

From 7:15PM - 8:30PM $20 casual class or $160 for 9 classes

Course runs for a 9-week term. To attend in first trimester a Drs certificate is required. Recommended to commence classes in second trimester or third.

Partners come for free in the last class of each term for techniques on massage and touch skills to assist in labour in a fun, relaxed environment. Yoga mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets and water are provided for your convenience. Health fund rebates available.

Your teacher Angela is a qualified Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor -IYTA Post Graduate Diploma Pre and Post Natal Yoga 2012.


TESTIMONIAL Monday’s quickly became my favourite day of the week when I started Angela’s fun and relaxing Yoga classes. Not only did they help me to feel physically great but they helped me emotionally and mentally.  Angela taught me to love my body and appreciate the amazing things it can do. I started my first class at 28 weeks pregnant with little knowledge of labour skills and feeling a little anxious about the birthing process. Now, having finished a full term of her classes, I feel empowered and ready to tackle labour. I have a good repertoire of birthing skills and couldn’t be readier. Tanya- Campbelltown NSW

The positive atmosphere, actions, words and intentions that are expressed weekly in Angela’s Yoga classes have greatly contributed to a positive pregnancy especially when you are confronted at times. I found the classes were supportive of the needs of mothers, providing a soft platform to grow from. I wish all mothers, a successful journey during their pregnancy. Thank you, Angela Connie, - Woodbine NSW 

The pre-natal yoga classes were a great way to relax, engage and connect with your baby, as well as meet other mums on the same journey. I remember trying to do a normal yoga class in my first trimester and really struggled with downward dog, balance table and warrior poses which made me sore and dizzy. Angela is a wealth of knowledge on pre-natal yoga and adjusted a lot of the poses to reduce strain on our bodies and gave us great tips on active labour movements and relaxation techniques. My pregnancy has come with a lot of aches and pains and I always appreciated that she never pushed me to do more than I could handle on a particular day. I also loved the partner class at the end of the term - it was really important for me to share the yoga and baby connection with my husband.  Carmel - Eagle Vale NSW