HOW TO REGISTER for your yoga course of casual class and make payment. 

STEP 1 - Select your Yoga Course or Casual class

STEP 2 - Select your pack or yoga mat

STEP 3 - Click on the REGISTRATION FORM HERE. Download the Registration form and email to of bring it with you on the first night. 

STEP 4 - READ THE CONDITIONS. Fill in contact details. 

STEP 5PROCEED TO PAYMENT. Please note that you do NOT need a Pay Pal account to make your credit card payment.

STEP 6 - You are now registered. Thank you :) 

** YOGA CLASSES AT PCYC MINTO are $12 per class. Payments are made direct to the PCYC minto prior to attending each class. REMEMBER You must become a Member of the PCYC.

If you wish to join the PCYC online prior then click on the link to register online, it's quick and easy.  Your details are then saved. 

Click here   Registration Form here

Please read the Terms and Conditions: 

ONLY FULL COURSE PAYMENT will guarantee your place in your chosen course. A casual payment will only secure ONE class and does not guarentee your continued attendence for the full term if a waiting list applies. The courses can fill up quickly so please ensure that you register early as the places are limited for student comfort and safety.

COURSE or CASUAL ? If you are unsure about committing to a full term then select CASUAL. If you later decide to complete the course and there is availabilty your casual payment is deducted from the full amount giving you a discount. 

CREDITS. If you are unable to complete the course for any reason, you can roll your credited classes over FOR ONE TERM ONLY. Giving you 3 months to take your missed classes.

DISCOUNTS. All course pricing is cheaper than the equivilent casual price. For e.g save $30 by paying for any of the courses in FULL. 

HEALTH CARE REBATES - Reciepts are given after full course payment with the relevent Health Care Provider details, making it easy to claim.


REFUNDS: Are given in exceptional circumstances. A cancellation fee will apply of 25% less the classes you have already attended. You must provide request in email.  

For any other quesions please call me and Ill be happy to discuss. Angela 

Select a Class to register for:

Select a Pack:


Red, Lavender, Navy, Forest Green, Lime, Orange. Email me your chosen colour. Easy Grip Yoga mat 180x60cm - 4mm Latex free.



For medium sized yoga mat, has an adjustable carry strap and mesh for ventilation.

$$15.00 (Special)


Navy or Gray only. Non Slip heavy duty. Best one to get. This is what I use in my teaching.



Seated support - Navy only Highly recommended to maintain proper spinal alignment and support when seated.