TERM 3 for 2018 STARTS TUESDAY 31 July 2018 from New Time 6PM - 7PM 

Casual $20 or $155 for 9-week pass.  

For those currently suffering from tight muscles, bad back, neck pain or any spinal condition including hips, knees or an injury. BACK CARE YOGA helps you with gentle mobilisation, posture and core work. Using Somatic techniques these movements will help your muscles regain the sensation of what it feels like to be lengthened and relaxed. With Somatic movement excercises are performed slowly and are very effective on the nervous system to release chronic muscular tension. After each class you will sense and feel something new and the benefits are very effective when dealing with injuries or spinal conditions. Also with a strong emphasis on safety, spinal alignment, core and maintaining a neutral spine. 

 If you are currently seeing a physiotherapist or a chiropractor then this one hour class will effectively compliment the management of pain or injury, condition or illness or recent surgery. Modified practice in all areas with large focus on core strenghtening, postural alignment and maintaining neutral spine. Mindfulness techinques are used in relaxation. 

Attend as a casual anytime between 7pm-8pm 
Casual $20 or $155 for 9-week pass  
Classes include appropriate limbering and warming up exercises based on client’s condition and nerve mobilisation to help with painful sciatica and brachial nerve plexus pain. Suitable for all spinal conditions and injuries and aided with the use of props and modifications to manage pain.  Mindfulness techniques are used for meditation, breathing practices and relaxation in each class. 
Your Teacher Angela is a qualified yoga back care instructor  IYTA Post Graduate - Diploma of Yoga for Back Care 2016 

If you are currently injured and have workcover or insurance you MAY be able to claim for any of the yoga courses as part of your treament and recovery. The yoga for back care course is highly reccomended for those looking for an activity that will compliment your professional services that you may already be attending. 

Class includes meditation and relaxation and this is extremely important to the mental health of any person suffering in pain or going through an injury claim.

STEP 1 - Come and try a back care class and see if its right for you.

STEP 2 - If you decide that these classes will assist in your injury and recovery, inform your insurance company of your intention and provide me with your insurance details. You do not need to make payment. 

STEP 3 - Your insurer MAY or MAY NOT accept the claim, they have 21 days to decide and reply to you.

STEP 4 - Refer matter to NSW Workcover for final assesment and processing.

You do have choices to choose alternatives that can be covered so you can move on with your life and start to de-stress and recover.